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Resa Wilkinson

White Zircon Natural Gemstone Ring 18k

White Zircon Natural Gemstone Ring 18k

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This beautiful hexagon-cut white zircon gemstone ring is set in a luxurious 18k gold setting. Its delicately-crafted geometric shape shines with a unique radiance that will add an elegant and tasteful touch to any outfit. An exquisite addition to any collection.

Zircon is birthstone to December, and is an actual gemstone mined from the earth, not to be confused with the man made zirconia. Zircon has a high refraction and and flashes with beautiful brilliance, and measures 6 to 7.5 on Mohs hardness scale.  

Listing is for one hexagonal shape. 1.66 ctw white faceted Zircon, bezel set in solid 18k yellow gold, in US ring size 6.5. Ready to ship. Resizing is not included.  Free shipping in USA.

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