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Where Does Time Go?

Where does the time go, we ask. Busy schedules, family time, events and just LIFE! I too have been busy with moving, learning new jewelry techniques and constantly striving for better. 

While the wheel of time is spinning, I hope to add more new pieces to the shop. With a passion for gorgeous fine, one of a kind gemstones in various sizes ( yes, I like BIG stones ), this is getting to be more fun than ever! I also am a Rapnet member, which provides me with access to basically any diamond in the world. With this fantastic combination, we can dream up basically anything!

Feel free to email me anytime. Also, check out my Instagram where you can see videos of these fine gemstones, diamonds and ring designs at Resa Wilkinson Jewelry. 

May you and yours be blessed and happy during these holidays. 



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Resa Wilkinson News January 2016

Exciting new Pantone 2016 colors with soft, comforting tones designed to help "unwind"and remind us to breathe, reflect and play, especially with our ongoing commitment to stay connected. Here are a few examples of this year's jewelry trends. Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, ( like Morganite ), Limpet Shell ( like pale blue Chalcedony ) Snorkel Blue ( like ceylon Sapphires ), Green Flash ( like Peridot ), Fiesta ( like Carnelian ), Buttercup ( like Hessonite) and Iced Coffee ( like Champagne Diamonds ) and Lilac Gray ( like fancy gray sapphire ). 

A separate blog to follow about new shapes of engagements!  Hope to see you again.

serenity earringsRose Quartz

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