Fair Trade Garnet Rose Gold Solitaire Ring 4.11 Carats


Fair trade pyrope garnet genuine gemstone with checkerboard faceted top in textured 14k rose gold solitaire ring. The name Pyrope comes from the Greek word meaning "fiery eyed" and is the only garnet that is always a shade of red. Garnet is birthstone to January, and measures 7.25 on Mohs Scale of Hardness.

Comes set with one genuine Fair Trade gemstone, carat total weight 4.11, 10mm round in solid 14k rose gold textured solitaire ring. 

US ring size 7.25. This is a one of a kind gemstone. Can be resized up to one size for an additional $40.00. Please contact us should you require resizing. 

Rose gold diamond bands can be found in the “bands” section and are not included in this listing.  

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