Happy Independence Day July 4th

Here is hoping you and yours are having a wonderful July 4th celebration with lots of fun and food as the United States celebrates 240 years of the commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and a federal holiday since 1941. Happy 4th everyone!

Here are two rings from the Unity collection in our shop.

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Hello Gorgeous

One of my favorite parts of running my own shop is photographing each piece. Anticipation builds as I await completion, not only for the customer, but for me as well. The magic begins as I place each piece on the vintage table in my office, positioning it "just so", open the shutters allowing natural sunlight to capture the true beauty of the jewelry. At times, I use shells, fossils, geodes, etc., as props to create an image of natural gemstones and diamonds.

Below are a few images of a few of my favorite photos.

Thank you for viewing



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Summertime and Jewelry

Summertime always reminds me of my times on the beach as a child, with family, baskets full of sandwiches, fruit and cool drinks.

As temperatures heat up like an oven, wearing lighter weight jewelry feels great. Being in the pool, on the beach, or just laying out basking in the sun can be so relaxing and fun.

During all this fun it is recommended to leave your precious engagement rings and other jewelry at home ... safe from sun, sunblock and pool chemicals, rings slipping off in the water, as well as sand getting underneath prongs, etc. This helps keep your jewelry looking like the day you first received it and preserving it to pass on to future generations if you chose to do so. 

Hopes for everyone this summer is a wonderful season filled with laughter, some time off and enjoying nature. 

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Remembering on Memorial Day & Always

Thank you to all who have served and given their lives for our country. Every day is a day of thankfulness to those who have served or have fallen, to their families for their loss or losses, and to those who wait for active duty members to return. I know how it feels to wait....and not know....My spouse has experienced 4 deployments thus far, at times for longer than one held me together.

God Bless.

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As we see trends changing in the engagement arena, Morganite has quickly become the new champion of gemstone engagements. With its romantic hues of peach, pink and cognac, it also is a one of the most colorful gemstones from the Beryl group, which includes emerald and aquamarine. Women world wide adore Morganite for its fine beauty which radiates tenderness and brilliance to each day. 

Morganite is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, so it is a durable gemstone for jewelry as long as it is treated with care to protect it against scratching and hard knocks.

Morganite came into existence millions of years ago, yet has only been known by the name of morganite for less than 100 years. Following the discovery of a new locality for rose beryl in Madagascar in 1910, George Kunz proposed the name morganite to honor his friend and customer J.P. Morgan. Morgan was one of the most important gem collectors in the early 1900s and his collection was partly assembled by Tiffany and Company and their chief gemologist, Kunz.

When determining the quality of Morganite, the color is most important. To gain full saturation, the larger the stone, the better the color. The rule of being a clear transparent stone only applies to a certain extent in the case of the morganite, as many women would prefer one with fine silk or slight inclusions, similar to the emerald, which guarantees it is a natural stone. Used in therapy for stress related issues since it radiates relaxation and calmness, creating "la vie en rose", even in the greyest of days.

The care of the morganite is simple, a soft toothbrush and Dawn liquid soap with warm filtered water since most tap water holds a lot of limestone and other minerals that create build up, Holding over a small plastic bowl of the warm water, gently brush the stone from underneath, rinse in the filtered water, followed by a brisk blow of room temperature air, perhaps a computer air can, to get the most shine. I personally do not recommend an ultrasonic cleaner. The toothbrush does a fine cleaning, and is natural just as the stone is. Never use toothpaste as it is abrasive.

Always feel free to contact me with questions.

Thank you. Resa

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Along Came a Stone

Sometimes you come across a stone that stands out above the rest....with magical color and star filled sparkles. This happened when walking past the Oregon Sunstone booth at a convention. Red beams called to me from my left shoulder as I stopped abruptly in my quick pace. What appeared to be solid red, was instead, this seductive bi-color natural Sunstone. From the top it is vivid red with flecks of orange, yet from the sides, soft champagne tones with a drop of wine. Moving it from side to side, I knew this stone was very special and therefore, I left the booth with this magical Sunstone knowing it would be the key feature in a ring. 

It now rests in an engagement ring to be admired Forever.....


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Gem and Mineral Show Tucson 2016

The first 2 weeks of February in Tucson, Arizona hosts the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the world's largest show of its kind. Vendors come from all around the globe to exhibit some of the most interesting collections while speaking their own language. The diversity is stimulating and I always enjoy speaking the little bit of French and Spanish that I know.

The entire city is covered in tents filled with precious and semi precious gemstones and minerals, hand woven baskets from South Africa, to huge mineral spheres. I have seen everything from a 12 foot Amethyst geode from Brazil to a tiny and very rare Red Beryl, to an outstanding 5 carat natural white to champagne tone sapphire, ( my favorite ). 

The AGTA, American Gem Trade Association, GJX and JCK shows set the trend for the jewelry industry each year. It allows the opportunity to visit friends as well as making new contacts. 

If you ever have the chance to visit this show, don't pass it up. It is an amazing experience. 


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Resa Wilkinson News January 2016

Exciting new Pantone 2016 colors with soft, comforting tones designed to help "unwind"and remind us to breathe, reflect and play, especially with our ongoing commitment to stay connected. Here are a few examples of this year's jewelry trends. Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, ( like Morganite ), Limpet Shell ( like pale blue Chalcedony ) Snorkel Blue ( like ceylon Sapphires ), Green Flash ( like Peridot ), Fiesta ( like Carnelian ), Buttercup ( like Hessonite) and Iced Coffee ( like Champagne Diamonds ) and Lilac Gray ( like fancy gray sapphire ). 

A separate blog to follow about new shapes of engagements!  Hope to see you again.

serenity earringsRose Quartz

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Resa Wilkinson Jewelry Ho Ho Holiday Sale

Resa Wilkinson Jewelry Ho Ho Holiday Sale begins December 6, 2015 and ends December 27, 2015. So for 22 days, ( including the 27th ) you recieve 22 percent off all existing items in the shop. I don't mark items up so high so to mark them down later, so this really is my GIFT since it lowers profit. I think of it as a way of sharing my many blessings to all. Sale excludes custom orders.

USE Coupon code hoho22RWJ for your 22 percent off at checkout.


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Holiday Shopping 2015

As we gather our lists of gifts for the upcoming holidays for those we love, so much is considered. Giving feels wonderful and fills our hearts with joy to see others receive what we give. These gifts will become memories in later times. Maybe for a child, a grandchild, a husband or wife, partners and friends. It is during this time that I hope I can help others obtain the goal of perfect gift giving. 

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